What is Art Parlour?

Art Parlour, n. a place for art, a market for artists and their work, a coming together of like-hearted individuals; empowering artists through lifestyle, culture and purpose. 

Art Parlour began with the creative imaginings of Sylvia Wolf,  Abby Laguidao, and Tony Chan. As artists and lovers of art ourselves, we appreciate spaces designed for art showing and sharing. We have such a deep appreciation for these spaces, that we decided we wanted to become designers of such a space ourselves, and Art Parlour was birthed.

Parlour, n. a place for trade.

Art Parlour provides a place for artists and art lovers to join each other in community and economy. We come together to celebrate both the creations and the creators by taking up space together in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. At a time when space is an expensive commodity, often reserved for the highest bidder, Art Parlour seeks to hold space for those who shape and contribute to the culture that makes the Upper Left corner so unique and attractive to people from all over the world.

Sense of Place, n. a feeling of belonging in a certain place and  

Art Parlour is a place inclusive all identities and all ways of being, except bigotry, hatred and oppression. We are pro-all things Black and Brown, and we ask that you engage with these values as you engage with us.


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